USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (23 June)

June 23, 2022

Please see notes and slides from today’s (23 June) Peak Season Call.  There was robust conversation on this call about fuel surcharge for NTS and DPM; about rates that are rejected in the NTS program. About capacity and about delivery from SIT over 50 miles. My notes don’t do it justice.

BG Safranek raised the issue of a request to provide a fuel surcharge for the NTS and DPM lines of business. He decided to tie the idea of providing a FSC to whether NTS providers wanted to change rate filing to annually like is in DP3. I guess his argument was, if you want to keep referring to the fact that DP3 gets a FSC, but NTS doesn’t, then are you willing to adopt other DP3 program requirements as a trade for getting a FSC…are you willing to file rates once per year instead of quarterly to get a FSC? Those who answered his question said no. I don’t really see it as an either/or situation, but he chose to define it that way.


As a reminder, next Tuesday is the last Tuesday call.  Starting in July, the Tuesday calls switch to every other Thursday.  But this Peak Season call on Thursday mornings still happen every week.