USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (26 May)

May 26, 2022

Please see notes and slides from today’s (26 May) Peak Season Call. 


Conversations today focused on shipments timing out and if/when a JPPSO could or should take punitive actions on shipments timing out and not being actively refused or blacked out.  And, there was much conversation on whether or not an OCONUS Fuel Surcharge (FSC) was appropriate, was being considered, and the impact of not implementing one.  I didn’t capture line by line notes on either topic (too much dialogue from a lot of individuals) but tried to give a general sense of the conversation.


Also, it appears as though DoD will allow the use of non-DoD approved SIT warehouses this summer, under the same rules as last year. That message should be out today or early next week.


We’ve been talking about this for a few meetings (people not reading my notes?? Couldn’t be) but TRANSCOM put out a little information on the issue in DPS with filing annual financials since people continue to ask about it.