U.S. Senate Commerce Committee to Mark up Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA)

March 22, 2022

On Tuesday, the Senate Commerce Committee will "mark up" (consider amendments) for their version of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA), S. 3580. Similar to its House-passed companion, S. 3580 would improve fairness, establish boundaries and set metrics for fees often incurred by the household goods and global shipping community. This follows an Executive Session that IAM reported on earlier in March, where OSRA received lengthy debate from Committee members.


While the Senate version differs slightly from the House bill, sections on detention and demurrage fees, and their application through the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission's Final Interpretive Rule (FIR) remain a centerpiece of both bills. IAM and other industry supporters continue to voice their support for the Senate bill, as it continues through the legislative process.


The Committee will also consider S. 3262, the FREIGHT Act, legislation aimed to improve transportation efficiencies, setting markers and guidelines across the major modes of transportation (rail, truck and vessels), by standardizing terminology commonly used in bills of lading, along with more consistent notification of freight availability (and delays) to the shipper community.