USTRANSCOM Non-Peak Season Call (3 Mar)

March 03, 2022

Please see slides and notes from the USTRANSCOM Non-Peak Season call (3 Mar). A few notable updates:


- The new rate season TDL will be released 14 March. TSPs should be able to view their position in the TDL a few days before that.


- Transit Time updates are still going through senior leader coordination. Once complete, they will be released. TRANSCOM wants to get the transit times updated prior to the TDL being released; this is causing the delay to the TDL release.


- DoD made an update to mask policy on 1 March; therefore TRANSCOM is incorporating this update prior to issuing the updated advisory on health protection protocols.


- IAM was made aware of a customs issue at the Port of Baltimore; the CBP Director there was holding shipments, and requiring a power of attorney for all HHG shipments…even normal Code 4.  This has since been resolved. The hold on those shipments has been released.