USTRANSCOM Conditions Based Movement Call (8 Feb)

February 08, 2022

Please see attached slides and notes from today’s (8 Feb) USTC/Service/JPPSO/Industry call.  Some highlights from the attached notes include:

  • DoD is meeting internally today to discuss Lithium batteries and potential policy associated with moving them in household goods. USTRANSCOM hopes to update industry on what came of that meeting on next week’s call.
  • Systems Branch wants to discuss restricting BOT use in DPS with TSP “BOT Providers”; they believe restricting BOTs in DPS will open up applications for better access and speed.
  • DP3 Director mentioned they were considering some potential messaging to Service Members on their use of AirTags and similar devices to track their shipments; not a detailed message, but something that might help families understand how industry operates if members are using these devices and don’t understand why their shipment might not be moving direct to destination.