USTRANSCOM Conditions Based Movement Call (1 Feb)

February 01, 2022

Please see attached slides and notes from today’s (1 Feb) USTC/Service/JPPSO/Industry call.  Some highlights from the attached notes include:

  • DPS Claims Module Modernization was a hot topic. Much assessment still happening. Some “hot fixes” potentially coming; no comprehensive update or fix appears to be coming in the near future.
  • There was much talk about the service member’s use of various gps technologies to track their shipment. USTC’s current policy on the topic is: “we are not in a proactive stance” on getting messaging out to service members on this issue.
  • Expect rate rejections from round one to go out the end of this week.
  • Expect an update on health protocols via advisory within the week; believe it will address quarantine and reporting timelines to be more in line with CDC guidance as it has changed over time.
  • Code J & Code T shipments may transition from McGuire to Dover…more internal government coordination is needed before it’s finalized.