USTRANSCOM Conditions Based Movement Call (25 Jan)

January 26, 2022

Please see attached slides and notes from today’s (25 Jan) USTC/Service/JPPSO/Industry call.  Some highlights from the attached notes include:

  • Much discussion initiated from JPPSOs on serious concerns they have with DoD maintaining the soft threshold of a 9,000 shipment per week capacity requirement this upcoming peak season; generally, the view from USTC and some of the Service HQs representatives is that it’s too late in terms of PCS orders being cut to dial back those expectations for 2022 Peak Season.
  • Col Safranek emphasized the need for an effective communication plan when dealing with customers as the key to heading off problems that lead to Congressional inquiries or senior DoD leader involvement.
  • Rate rejections for round one of DP3 rate filing won’t be out until about the middle of next week.
  • Asked USTC to confirm a rumor that Code J and Code T shipments might transition from McGuire AFB to Dover AFB. USTC was not aware but will engage AMC to find out.