U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Seeks to Accelerate Under-21 CDL Pilot

January 12, 2022

Key Provision in the Infrastructure and Investment Act Seeks to Add to Qualified Driver Pools

Last week, the U.S. FMCSA formally asked the Biden Administration for emergency approval of an information collection request (ICR) regarding the recently approved under-21 driver apprenticeship program. 


Once enacted, the apprenticeship program will permit 18-20 year olds to participate in two probationary periods of behind the wheel and on-duty time with a qualified CDL holder. After completion of the probationary periods, the driver would be permitted to operate CMVs in interstate commerce. The driver program closely mirrors the IAM-supported DRIVE-Safe Act, legislation that many of the provisions were modeled after. The FMCSA will collect data on the safety record of apprentice drivers, time spent on-duty, away from home and several connected wage and labor data points.


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