USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (30 Nov)

December 01, 2021

Please see the notes and slides from today’s (30 Nov) USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call.   The call went relatively quickly. The only major item brought up was the new DPS functionality associated with triggering a request for reweigh based on a customer being within 90% of their weight entitlement. This same issue was discussed on the 16 November call before it was implemented.  While to me it changes the reweigh requirements to reflect 2022 business rules, in my engagement with USTC, they fall back on the fact that the program allows for the customer or the PPSO to request a reweigh on their shipment, and regardless of the parameters put on this new reweigh trigger, all the system is doing is requesting a reweigh on the customer’s behalf.


Don’t forget to complete your CIP and COR…don’t wait til the last minute (due by 17 December).