Electronic inventories for all DoD personal property shipments starting May 15, 2023

November 05, 2021

The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) has made it clear that they fully intend to require electronic inventories for all DoD personal property shipments starting May 15, 2023. The Command floated the idea of requiring their use starting in 2022, but received significant feedback from the moving industry that attempting to implement such a large requirement (the DoD moves approximately 300,000 shipments annually) in such a short time would leave DoD without the capacity it needs.  Frankly, many do not believe DoD can maintain its current capacity even with backing up the mandate to May of 2023.


To pull off the 100% use of electronic inventories will be a significant challenge. The DoD has allowed their use for years; but they have not been broadly used.  The entire DoD network, stateside and overseas, will need to be able to produce an electronic inventory, meeting the requirements DoD has outlined in their Tender of Service, impacting local agents, drivers and crews that do DoD moving work everywhere. 


IAM has worked to create an industry-wide standard for inventory data.  USTRANSCOM appears poised to require the use of that standard when they implement the mandatory requirement. You can find more about that standard by researching International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 17451-1 or contacting brianl@iamovers.org. If you begin to search for a digital inventory provider so you can comply with this new requirement, make sure the product conforms to the ISO 17451-1 standard.  


If you service DoD shipments, and you aren’t currently prepared to produce an electronic inventory that meets the DoD requirements set forth in their Tender of Service, this is a topic you should start paying close attention to.  IAM will be hosting an IAM Learning online conversation shortly and will be sure to invite all DABs to learn more about this important topic.