USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (5 Oct)

October 05, 2021

Please see attached notes and slides from today’s (5 Oct) USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call.   A couple of items of interest to note:


  1. USTRANSCOM is getting ready to issue guidance on moving equipment with lithium batteries such as eBikes.  They are asking for industry input on how other markets (corporate or residential) move these items.  On the call, no TSPs responded for a request for information. If you provide me with how this is handled for other customers, I can provide a consolidated input to USTC.
  2. The new USTRANSCOM Commander was confirmed by the Senate. Change of command between Gen Van Ovost and GEN Lyons will take place 15 October. The ceremony will be streamed live if you are interested in watching it.
  3. Col Safranek announced that they are excited about the award of the GHC which will occur not earlier than 29 Oct; and that he was preparing a message to send to industry to discuss why they are excited about it and what the advantages are.