USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (3 Jun)

June 03, 2021

Please see the attached slides and notes from the 3 Jun Peak Season call with DoD and industry.  Significant conversations once again on capacity concerns from both the DoD side and industry side.  Industry reps did a nice job laying out some of the issues.  DoD is concerned with turnbacks that are apparently more significant this year (and certainly more significant earlier in the year) than previous years. 


IAM reached out to the JPPSOs and Services to ask for links to their “job boards” where they post shipments they are trying to get covered that haven’t been accepted via the normal DPS process.  (good idea, Emily K). We have posted the two job boards we received on our website. We are aware that not everyone gets direct emails on the DoD shipments that the JPPSOs are trying to manually book.  So far, JPPSO-NC and JPPSO-SC have provided their links.  You can see them at  Please let your staffs know.  If we get other JPPSOs to provide a similar product, we will add them here.  These links go directly to the daily “job boards” for shipments these JPPSOs are seeking help on.