USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (20 May)

May 21, 2021

Please see the slides and notes from the 20 May Peak Season call with DoD and industry.  Plenty of discussion on the liftvan, crating, packing material advisory; as well as potential and issues with using seavan containers in lieu of liftvans.


It was difficult to capture all the details of the conversation; but I provided a broad overview to the extent I could. 


DoD was interested in potential; but also concerned with limitations and past performance when they were used in the past. No decision was made on the topic. 


Also…still no change in health protocols and mask policy until formally updated by USTRANSCOM; regardless of CDC and DoD guidance on masks.  USTC appears to be ready to loosen mask requirements outdoors…but will continue to require masks in the residence.  But that guidance is not yet final.