Lockdown Relaxed in France

April 29, 2021

From NEER Service France:

The French government has announced a number of measures to allow the country to begin to return to normal in the month of May, but the country is maintaining the nighttime curfew from 7pm-6am.


Beginning on Monday (May 3rd) the government will lift the ban on travel within the country allowing people to move freely around France following the earlier restrictions that have impacted mobility.


The French President also confirmed that the government remains committed to opening restaurants for outdoor service between mid May and the end of June and allow the reopening of cinemas, theaters and museums with a limited capacity.  Children are also returning to school after the closures in April.


International travel restrictions remain in place although the European Union have suggested that travelers from the United States that have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter the EU this summer.  Tighter restrictions have however been put in place for India, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, that include a mandatory quarantine with tight checks on compliance by the police.


Moving and relocation services continue to operate normally subject to strict health and safety measures.