Protect the Force

April 09, 2021

By Emily Kozubowski

"Do they love you or the mask you put on everyday?"

                                                                           -Shimika Bowers

Could it be both? I’d say yes! As we approach this second peak season in a covid-19 environment in transportation, we are masters of the mask, right? Maybe that is true for some, but data from USTC may say otherwise. After last week’s Spring PPF and the release of the 2021 Tender of Service, a few things are certain for the upcoming peak season.

The HHG transportation industry as a whole is still consistently receiving Letters of Warning and Letters of Suspension on a weekly basis a year into the pandemic.

No matter what the state rules are on mask wearing, our teams and our customers must wear masks during the relocation process to comply with CDC guidance and the USTC directive. We must screen our employees for symptoms and communicate any COVID-19 positive exposure.

The TSP Health Protection Protocol Certificate (TSP-HPPC) is just as much of a part of our daily paperwork as a GBL, 619, or inventory.

So how are you using technology to make these continued rules easier for you and your teams? Have you found a great free and secure app like Protect Well to assist you in securely verifying your crew and employee health status while complying with HIPPAA rules?

Maybe you have found a way to integrate the required TSP HPPC for completion on a tablet or mobile device into an operating system (I use EDC-Movestar) to reduce steps and increase efficiency for your crews.

Have you found other ways to successfully achieve the Protect the Force requirements for your business? Please share your success on the IAM-DAB LinkedIn page so we can celebrate your successes and improve as a whole among the industry.