USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (9 Mar)

March 10, 2021

The 9 March Conditions Based Movement Call started out with an update from COL Gipson.  She wanted to reinforce that although vaccinations against COVID-19 are continuing to rise, and new cases are falling, the DoD hasn’t changed their stance that Health Protocols are still required for DoD shipments.  And those rules apply to Service Members as well.  They acknowledge that some members might be tempted to not wear a mask if they’ve been  vaccinated, but reminded the crowd that the member doesn’t have the authority to waive the health protocol requirements.


MAJ Smith from J9 Ops stated that in conducting a review of the CSS table, prior to publishing the TDL last Friday, they noted an error that needed to be fixed prior to putting out the 2021 rate cycle TDL. The error was corrected and the TDL was published and an advisory sent notifying TSPs at 7:15pm ET. 


Storage Management Office (SMO) discussed advisory #21-0042, the NTS Containerized Rates request for information, to gauge the interest and ability to support the NTS containerization initiative. SMO also mentioned the 15 & 17 March NTS Tender of Service review sessions they are hosting.


DPS Systems staff discussed that there have been some noted issues with the DPS URL change. They’ve released an advisory #21-0039A, explaining steps to take if you are having DPS access issues using the new URL. 


The Systems Branch was asked what they were doing about DPS access using Internet Explorer 11 as the preferred internet provider for DPS, since  many TSP’s IT offices won’t allow use of I/E 11 due to security concerns.  TRANSCOM asked industry to contact the help desk if they were using Firefox or Chrome and were experiencing issues with DPS access so they could understand the issues and work through them.


Marines reminded everyone on the call that there is a requirement in the Tender of Service for industry personnel coming in contact with a military family or their shipment, to have had a background check. They relayed a recent story of a moving crew using a day laborer to support a marine move, and when the crew attempted to enter the installation, the day laborer’s check turned up a warrant for his arrest for 2nd Degree Murder. 


The Air Force noted the uptick in Health Protocol non-compliance issues, and reminded everyone that the protocols still apply.  And they also reinforced the need for industry to do a better job on reweighs.


VADM Mewbourne, TRANSCOM’s Deputy Commander, mentioned that Gen Van Ovost was nominated by the President to become the next TRANSCOM Commander.  And he didn’t want to get ahead of the Senate confirmation process, but if all went as planned, they would expect a change of command some time in the first week of August. 


VADM Mewbourne also mentioned that while there is no change in health protocol requirements, the SECDEF is reviewing Force Health Protection guidance in light of recent changes to CDC guidance associated with COVID-19.  He believes the first thing SECDEF might consider are changes to force protection guidelines associated with service members who are fully vaccinated.  But as of yet, no changes are forthcoming.