USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (2 Mar)

March 03, 2021

There were no major items of interest noted on the readahead slides from the 2 Mar meeting.


Overall, the last two Tuesday meetings have ended in less than a half-hour.  There were a few notes of interest on today’s call, however.


  • An advisory is due out soon on requirements for documenting 3rd party service providers.
  • J9 is still working on the Spread Date advisory to make sure all relevant points/instructions are covered.
  • A new draft Non-Temp Storage (NTS) Tender of Service (TOS) was posted on 1 March on  USTC would like comments to the draft not later than 26 March via the standard comment resolution matrix also posted on under the title “2021 CRM instructions 01 March 2021”. 
  • DPS and TOPS updates are coming up this weekend during the normal weekend update.
  • Navy reported that they are still seeing major issues with failure of TSPs to perform reweighs. This will continue to be a focus area, and TSPs must be sure reweighs are being performed.  The Navy reported 108 reweigh letters of warning from one JPPSO; and they will ratchet up the punitive action for those who don’t resolve the issue.  Additionally, Navy San Diego collected/saved $130,000 on reweigh failures or reduction in weights as a result of reweighs.
  • AF Personal Property Activity raised three topics:
    • The AF echoed the importance of reweighs; and has also found that sometimes reweighs are being performed, but not update in DPS; and asked for TSPs to be sure to update DPS as appropriate so TSPs get credit for doing the required reweighs.
    • AF stressed proper communication with the customer; and reported an example of a virtual pre-move survey not identifying that the member’s residence was not healthy for the move to happen between mold issues and excrement; so the movers showed up but couldn’t perform the move; forcing rework on everyone’s part due to (in the AF’s mind) the idea that the pre-move survey didn’t identify the issue ahead of time like it would’ve if it were performed in person and done well. I guess having mold and excrement present in the house wasn’t the main factor in causing the rework??
    • And finally, no loosening on health protocols and mask requirements coming in the near future; and the QA is also there for the TSP/agents’ protection if you have members who won’t follow protocols.
  • J9 Director covered two topics:
    • The new SEC DEF is interested in COVID protocols and what USTC’s processes are for protecting the force during their PCS. Rick Marsh would be interested in anyone’s input on anything movers are doing on the commercial side of their business to protect customers during COVID that might also be good ideas on the military side.
    • In terms of COVID…the rules are the rules, and regardless of vaccines and shrinking COVID numbers, USTC doesn’t expect a loosening of health protocols and masks this year in the program; and TSPs should be prepared for the continuing requirements in this area.