USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (19 Jan)

January 20, 2021

The 19 January Conditions-Based Movement call hosted by J9, which included industry and Service/JPPSO representatives, started out by covering the attached slides.


  • Slide 1: This slide now includes a 3-year rolling total on the top left of the chart (titled 3 Yr. Avg.); a depiction in blue of 2020 pickups; and the green block represents 2021 pickups year to date.  The upper right hand of the slide shows peak season related pickups as a static 3 year average; the 2020 totals for peak season; and what will become 2021 peak season pickups.
  • Slide 1 represents a fairly normal first three weeks of the year in terms of shipment volume.  The invoice totals in the lower right hand of the slide show an uptick in pending invoices for FISC Jacksonville, and the Navy stated they will look into the situation and report back next week at this meeting.
  • Slide 5 represents a new slide depicting the top 10 performance infractions starting with the first quarter of FY’21.


USTC J9 Operations:

  • Mentioned that USTC was prepared to respond to IAM’s request for clarification on a handful of business rules.  That response should come later this week. 
  • Also mentioned that based on industry questions during a previous meeting as to how spread dates will work in in the new business rules, J9 will issue an advisory this week to clarify issues raised by industry.
  • J9 reminded industry that Round One of rate filing closes 22 January at 6pm CST.

J9 Systems:

  • As of 1208 pm on 19 January, the Systems Branch was notified of invoicing issues in DPS.  They made contact with US Bank, but warned TSPs they would likely see a slow down in invoice processing until the issue is resolved.
  • The issue of Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) was discussed again. USTC stated they won’t arbitrarily cut off old accounts if TSPs were still having issues.  Apparently, there are still about 931 accounts that J9 is aware of that are awaiting approval in TEAMs; and based on that status, they do not anticipate the need to back up the 1 February date for RPAs.  J9 stated they will send out an advisory soon with additional guidance/information.


  • Due to the inauguration, JPPSO-MA was out of the office for 20 Jan; but would return as normal on 21 Jan.


  • Seeing issues with auto-reweighs.  Identifying many auto reweighs NOT being accomplished.  When they talk to the TSP, they are hearing that the TSP was waiting for the JPPSO to request the auto-reweigh.  The Navy wanted industry to be aware that per the business rules, there is no JPPSO request for an auto-reweigh; and this is now a focus area for the Navy and they will be issuing letters of suspension for failures to perform auto-reweighs.

Air Force:

  • Noticed on slide one that JPPSO-COS invoices were rising slightly; and would look into it to make sure there wasn’t an issue.


J9 was asked whether there was any new indication that shipment volumes might be significantly different this year than other “normal” previous years.  J9 and Services responded they have no indication from their manpower offices that things will be any different this year.


J9 was also asked whether they had heard of any impact to PCS policy as President Biden takes office, as part of his platform called for reduced PCSing and longer times on station.  They responded in the negative.  J9 Director stated he was more interested in focusing on the moves that are taking place as opposed to ones that might not take place.