USTC J9 Call August 25, 2020

August 26, 2020

The 25 August USTC J9 call with industry and government representatives was the shortest of the season. No major issues or sticking points between industry and JPPSOs arose. The following items were addressed:

  • Last week DoD was at 98% of the 3-year average for pick-ups. But weeks 35 and 36 currently project at 117% and 111% of the three-year average looking at shipments in an awarded and pre-survey done status (see slides).
  • J9 was asked about whether they had done any program wide trends on PPM moves; they responded that when reviewed previously, the PPM numbers this peak season, as a percentage of shipments, was below last year’s numbers.
  • On slide #2, J9 briefed they had asked the Services to review the week 52 data and whether those numbers appear to still be a good reflection of what they see moving in 2020. Week 52 are shipments that represent pent-up demand that were initially projected for movement but now do not have a specific move date associated with them. They are essentially “parked” in week 52 until members come in for counseling. Per J9, according to the Navy, they still see the number as valid, as does the Air Force. The Marines believe their number is high, and will work to adjust. The Army is still assessing.
  • J9 mentioned again they are still working to capture shipment data into 2021 to keep this chart (slide #2) updated.
  • Per slide 3, J9 believes it represents that the program is in good condition in terms of capacity.
  • Slide 4 shows 32 suspensions program wide last week: 10 for face coverings, 10 for health protection protocol actions.
  • There are half the LOWs program-wide this peak season compared to last year.
  • Suspensions are slightly above last year, with 64% of those suspensions for health protection protocol issues.
  • There were 5 missed pickups program wide last week.
  • The Sec 889 NDAA prohibition status for TSPs is that HHG and NTS TSPs combined are in a 90% status for TSP response. NTS TSPs are holding that number down, as only 81% of NTS TSPs are compliant.
  • A recent Transport Topics article states, “The Director of National Intelligence has extended the deadline to September 30 for a requirement that motor carriers that do business with the federal government locate and purge telecommunications equipment manufactured by five Chinese companies that may be in use in their operations.” When J9 asked if this applied to DP3 TSPs, they responded that it did not apply to their program as DP3 TSPs had already made significant progress in meeting the requirement.
  • IAM asked whether J9 would consider any extensions to the financial review requirement for a TSP with significant hardships who can’t get the financials completed by 30 August. J9 stated they had already provided an extension to the normal requirement, and would have to review on a case by case basis. It sounds as if there are not many, if any, extensions that will be considered.
  • SMO mentioned that there are no current flooding or damage issues associated with hurricanes moving up the Gulf.
  • It was mentioned that some TSPs are struggling linking existing accounts to the new digital certificate requirement in TEAMs. It is taking action by the help desk in almost all situations. TSPs who are experiencing significant issues can highlight their concerns to J9 for their awareness.
  • IAM was notified by a TSP that they are seeing shipments in SIT changing in the system to an In-transit status. When asked whether J9 if they had seen this program wide, they were not aware of the issue. J9 asked for a help desk ticket number to research further.
  • J9 mentioned the Fall PPF would be September 15–16, and that there would be a morning and afternoon session to support various time zones. We should expect an advisory this week.
  • Lack of questions during the call prompted J9 to ask for feedback on the usefulness of the call; one comment from the participants was to continue the call until shipments dropped significantly.
  • VADM Mewbourne, USTC Deputy Commander, stated he engaged a Marine Colonel who just joined the USTC staff, and asked about his move. The Colonel said it was his best in 10 moves. VADM Mewbourne stated this is a testament to the industry; that this kind of feedback is important…that it means a lot to service members that they get a good move and has an impact on their willingness to serve; and he thanked industry for what they do.