Expansion of Refusals and Short Fuse Beyond Current End Dates

July 20, 2020

USTRANSCOM J9 Update Number 20-0104

USTRANSCOM J9 posted Advisory #20-0104 today (20 July) with notice that it is extending TSP’s ability to refuse shipments without punitive action for shipments with a requested pickup through 31 August.  This does NOT authorize TSPs to turnback any previously accepted shipment.


The advisory also states that short fuse expansion to 10 days will remain in effect until 24 August, where it will begin contracting one day at a time until back to 5 days on 28 August.

File: USTRANSCOM PP Advisory 20-0104 (Expansion of Short Fuse and Refusal for 2020 Rate Cycle) 20 Jul 202