House Highway Reauthorization and Infrastructure Proposal to be Considered this Week by the House

June 29, 2020

The U.S. House of Representatives will consider the Invest in America Act this week, which was recently amended and now includes the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's approved text for the Highway Reauthorization legislation. To read more about that bill and its impact on the household goods moving industry as previously highlighted by IAM, please click here


While Senate leadership has reiterated that they will not take up the legislative package this Congress (if passed by the House), the broad-based bill establishes several policy markers for the incoming Congress. The House Rules Committee will consider which, if any, of the nearly 400 submitted amendments to the bill will receive floor consideration before debate and vote on the package begins. 


Amendments that may be of interest to IAM members are highlighted below:

  • Amendment 59 (Lowenthal) - This amendment would directs the Secretary of Transportation to issue a vehicle safety standard to require that new commercial motor vehicles are equipped with a universal electronic vehicle identifier.
  • Amendment 188 (Torres) - This amendment would require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a study of the impacts of vehicle miles traveled fee pilot programs.
  • Amendment 194 (Bost) - This amendment would eliminate the increased and required amount of insurance for commercial motor vehicles (from $750k to $2 mil.)
  • Amendment 274 (Garcia) - This amendment would require COVID protections, sanitation and other requirements, for the freight and cargo industries.
  • Amendment 325 (Gibbs) - This amendment removes public availability (view) of a motor carrier's CSA scores, until the FMCSA updates scoring criteria. 
  • Amendment 239 (Bost) - This amendment strikes the section that would delay implementation of the FMCSA's Final Hours of Service Final Rule.

A complete list of the amendments and current bill text can be viewed on the House Rules Committee site by clicking here


IAM will keep members apprised with any new developments, amendment consideration and vote results.