DP3 Business Rule Change Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM)

November 18, 2019

DP3 Business Rule Change Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM)

Urgent: Your Action is Needed

International Association of Movers

IAM Governing Members and Members in the United States:


Attached are IAM’s DP3 Business Rule Change Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM) inputs. If you agree with these inputs, feel free to use them to add to your own comments; or to modify them for your specific situation or opinion. IAM did not comment on every proposed change; so be sure to review all documents for all changes, as there might be some we did not comment on that you have strong feelings about.


It is very important that members provide feedback to USTC on proposed business rule changes. If you do use some of our inputs, please be sure to update Column #3 with your own SCAC or business name.

If you feel strongly about any change that you don’t believe IAM addressed; or if you believe what we provided should include additional comments, please reply back to me via email at with your specific concerns and I will consider those comments.


As a reminder, comments are due to USTC not later than 1630 Central time (4:30 pm), tomorrow, 19 November.




Daniel J. Bradley

Director, Government & Military Relations

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