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  • eGov/Mil Newsletter: May 20, 2020

    • USTC J9 COVID-19/Stop Movement Call (19 May)
    • CSS Scores are in DPS
    • Recent USTC-J9 Updates
    • Recent USTRANSCOM and GSA Meeting Notes
    • Military Families Making Summer PCS Moves Will Have to Follow These Strict Rules
    • SecDef Keeps Military Stop-Movement Order in Place After Review
    • MARADMIN 285/30 details permanent change of station tier system
    • Army Delays Most Winter Personnel Moves, But Plans to Grant Exceptions

  • eGov/Mil Newsletter: May 6, 2020

    • USTRANSCOM Awards Global Household Goods Contract
    • Annual Meeting Website is Live
    • USTC J9 Stop Movement/COVID-19 Call (5 May)
    • USTC J9 Stop Movement/COVID-19 Call (1 May)
    • Military Movers Bleed Red Ink as Troop Transfers Delayed Anew
    • Army expects to PCS hundreds of high-priority soldiers with new exemption to stop-movement order
    • RPP Delivers More Than $300 USD Back to IAM Members
    • Membership Cancelations
    • First Weekly USTC J9 Peak Season Call (30 April)
    • USTC J9 Stop Movement/COVID-19 Call (28 April)

  • eGov/Mil Newsletter: April 22, 2020

    • Modification and Reissuance of DoD Response to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
    • DoD travel ban amid coronavirus pandemic extended to June 30
    • USTC J9 Stop Movement/COVID-19 Call (21 April)
    • Protecting the Force During Personal Property Shipments
    • Online Petition: STOP the Privatization of Military Household Goods Move Distribution
    • Change 4 to the 400NG and International Tender (IT) Addressing the DOD Stop Movement Adjustment
    • USTRANSCOM J9 Non-Peak Season Call (9 Apr)
    • Call for Webinar/Round Table Topics
    • USTRANSCOM J9 Calls Last Week
    • Weekly GSA COVID-19 Impacts - Supplier Relocation Community
    • COVID-19 Resources for Members

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