The Rising Star Award

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The Rising Star Award will recognize an IAM-Young Professional (IAM-YP) member who embodies the mission of the IAM Young Professional community:

The Mission of IAM-YP is to provide global moving and mobility professionals under the age of 40 with professional development, networking, and philanthropic opportunities to prepare the current membership to lead IAM and the industry in the future.

Nominations will open on May 3 and will close on August 2, 2021. The individual receiving this honor may be selected for a wide range of achievements, but overall, will have distinguished themselves through a commitment to professional development, networking with the young professional community, or engaging in philanthropic activities impacting the global moving and mobility industry.

Selection Criteria

A selection committee of current IAM-YP members will be identified to determine the recipient of the Rising Star Award based on the nominations received. The award will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • The young professional who brings together members of diverse communities with shared interests and has demonstrated remarkable results. Also known as a facilitator, or connector.
  • The young professional who has brought an innovative initiative, product, or service to the industry or young professional community in an original way.
  • The young professional who has shown a commitment and dedication to their colleagues and team members within their organization.
  • The young professional whose pioneering work and vision is impacting their company for the better.
  • The young professional who has made a significant positive impact on an IAM-YPs career through mentorship.  The key roles of a mentor include, but are not limited to, nurturing intellectual growth about the global moving and mobility industry, career development, professional guidance, and positive role modeling.
  • The young professional who has made significant contributions to IAM through board or committee work, and/or involvement with IAM charitable activities.


The recipient of the IAM-YP Rising Star award will be announced during the IAM 59th Annual Meeting & Expo in Orlando, Florida. The recipient of the award will be featured in the Portal magazine, and will have the opportunity to pay it forward: the awardee will select an individual who meets the requirements to join the IAM-YP and extend a free YP membership to that individual.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The nominee must be a current IAM-YP Member.
  • Nominations can be submitted by IAM members in good standing.
  • All submissions must be received through the online application form. 

Not Eligible

  • Self-nomination is not permitted.
  • Non-IAM members are not permitted to submit a nomination.

Not a YP member? Join today! The Rising Star will be announced during the IAM 59th annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.