IAM's U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Mover Group (DAB)

IAM has established the U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Mover Group (DAB). Often, when people think of IAM, they think it’s an association for movers involved in international moving. While that’s certainly one facet, IAM is an international association for all movers, and we can help you grow your business, even if you currently do no international business.

A DAB is a US Domestic Asset Based Mover that is an independent mover or van line agent with trucks, crews, and warehouses.

If you are not yet a DAB member, contact IAM's Membership Team to get that process started. If you are not yet an IAM member and see the value of membership, fill out our online membership form.


DAB Resources

How to Join DAB

This is a special interest group for Core and Premier Members who fit the above description. Contact IAM's Membership Team to learn more about becoming a member and see how IAM can help your business.

Who is on the DAB Board?

You can find them here.

Whom should I contact for more information?

IAM's point of contact for the DAB group is Daniel Bradley.