IAM's Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan FAQs

Your Vision is focused on the Customer...Why is that?

A vision statement should be oriented toward achieving a fundamental goal. Essentially, why does IAM exist and what is its purpose? After reviewing the results of the 2020 Member Needs Assessment Survey as well as deliberating amongst the IAM Executive Committee and Staff, we determined that IAM’s primary goal is to find solutions on an industry-wide basis and make moving easier for the customer. If the Association is successful in achieving this vision, we believe that our membership will become indispensable to movers and their partners worldwide. 

How is the Mission Statement connected to the Vision?

IAM’s mission statement is meant to reflect the critical role it plays in connecting, supporting and advancing the moving industry. IAM previously lacked a vision statement, so the new vision represents what the world would look like if IAM were successful in achieving its mission. Should IAM be successful in supporting the operational and professional excellence of its members, it will positively impact the moving experience for everyone.

Why did IAM choose these particular Values?

IAM’s organizational values articulate the association’s renewed commitments to collaboration, excellence, fun, inclusion, innovation and integrity. The values appear in alphabetical order so as not to imply order by level of importance.

Where was this before???

IAM has had a guiding strategy all along, but we have realized that our strategy, values, goals, and initiatives have to be shared and well-articulated in order to achieve our goals. With this in mind, IAM is being intentional with how we communicate all this information to maximize awareness among our members and industry stakeholders.  

How did IAM arrive at this strategic plan?

Starting in April 2020, IAM conducted a thorough, data-driven process for setting a new strategic direction for the Association. Senior staff engaged McKinley Advisors to facilitate the process as a research and strategic planning partner. 

Following initial discussions with the senior team, McKinley conducted qualitative and quantitative research with members and key stakeholders between April and June 2020. The findings from the research were shared with the IAM Executive Committee at the January 2021 Executive Committee Meeting, during which they engaged in robust small and large group discussions on the implications of the research and the strategic imperatives for the Association.

Using the outcomes from these discussions, the Core Team—composed of Mike Richardson, Chair; John Burrows, Vice Chair; Charles White, President; and Brian Limperopulos, Vice President—met several times during February and March to refine the strategic priorities and initiatives for the Association. During this time, the language of the mission, vision, priorities, and initiatives was discussed in detail, with a focus on bringing greater clarity and vision to the association. The strategic plan was also presented to staff for their edits and approval. 

What does it mean for my company?

This strategic plan is a transformative document and it is intentionally written to set goals that could have a monumental impact on the Association and the Industry. Here are just a few things that you can look for as part of IAM’s new strategic direction:

  • A more valuable membership experience as IAM transforms its membership categories to allow your company to pick the best package to meet your goals as a company. Our membership experience will also become more meaningful to those members who wish to lead and drive forward your Association and make a real impact on who we are and what we do.
  • Greater connections to ALL moving customers—private transferees, the U.S. Department of Defense, RMCs, military spouses, government and corporate accounts, and moreIAM is committed to building bridges between our members and the client base so they understand the value movers provide while also creating a forum through which we can problem solve together. 
  • An emphasis on driving forward quality for members worldwide. By advancing standards, best practices, compliance resources, and education, IAM will raise the professionalism of our members globally. 
  • Building our ability to serve your company by driving new revenue growth to support the activities our members need and want

How will IAM advance this ambitious plan?

This plan is certainly ambitious, but IAM has the foundation to achieve it. The following items will be key to its success:

  • Empowering volunteers to provide their industry expertise and engage their professional networks; 
  • Investing in our Staff to execute these complex initiatives; and
  • Establishing new partnerships and building existing ones to leverage each organization’s strengths and to maximize our impact.