IAM Claims Committee

The Claims Committee provides information regarding claims policies, procedures, and claims loss ratios; advocates positions on claims of benefit to IAM's membership or its customers; and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee, with a proactive focus on U.S. military and government shipments.


Susan Staszewski
National Van Lines, Inc


Committee Members

  • Don Carroll -Cartwright
  • Christine Quinlan-Central Van Lines
  • John Coleman -Coleman Worldwide
  • Derek Bair -Denali
  • John Burrows -Dewitt
  • Oded Carmi -DN Van Lines
  • Tyler Smith-GovLog
  • Michael Czarnecki -National Claims Service
  • Kevin.Spealman -National Claims Service
  • Gary Dootson-Suddath
  • Robert Wright-Suddath
  • Kelly Dobis -Tier One
  • Kirra Floyd -TMM
  • Peg Wilken -Industry Veteran
  • JD Reese-TMM