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January/February 2020

Time Away: What Movers do when They’re Not Moving

Mobility isn’t just a term for removals; it also means professional flexibility. In this highly connected age, the paths of our lives increasingly lead individuals to change jobs, roles, and whole careers in search of advancement, fulfillment, new challenges, and family goals. Some people come to the moving industry from other sectors, some leave for a time and return with new skill sets, and some retire, only to “rewire” and return with a new perspective.

If you’ve ever worked in a different industry, changed professions, taken a sabbatical or time away from work for family, we want to hear your story. What else have you done? What was your drive to make changes? Who did you meet along the way, and how have the people you worked with contributed to your journey? And, what advice would you give to others who may follow in your footsteps?

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