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Welcome to the IAM Membership Benefits Page, where your journey to expanding your business reach begins. As the global champion for the moving industry, IAM is committed to advancing its members' professionalism and operational excellence worldwide. So join us today and unlock a world of opportunities.

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 Global Network: The IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX) provides access to a vast network of movers and industry suppliers worldwide. Forge valuable partnerships, collaborate, and expand your business network.

 Financial Protections: The IAM Receivable Protection Program (RPP) provides members peace of mind by safeguarding their accounts receivable against non-payment risks. Members can focus on their business growth while minimizing financial losses.

 Trade Issue Resolution: IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS) simplifies trade dispute resolution, making business easier for members. It helps optimize operations by minimizing friction caused by disputes and trade issues. IIRS is a vital component of the IAMTrusted Moving Company (ITMC) program, raising the global standard for movers.


 Annual Meeting & Trade Show: Experience the ultimate networking extravaganza at IAM's highly anticipated event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct. 14-17, 2023. Unlock a world of business opportunities, and immerse yourself in enlightening educational sessions, where you'll gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and challenges shaping the global moving and mobility industry.

Professionalism: IAM is dedicated to raising industry standards and promoting professionalism among its members. By joining IAM, you align yourself with a community of like-minded professionals who value excellence: IAMTrusted Moving Company|Validation Program | Professional Cooperation Guidelines

 Industry Training for the Entire Staff: IAM provides resources, education and training through IAM Learning with shared training resources that promote members' connectivity and make collaboration more efficient. IAM Learning offers live and on-demand webinars from experts on industry-related topics.

 IAM Young Professionals: IAM-YP membership provides a supportive network, exclusive resources, and customized career opportunities to promote personal growth and expand professional connections. In addition, YPs enjoy a dedicated networking track during the IAM Annual Meeting and Trade Show, ensuring valuable connections and engagement within their peer group.

Stay Informed on Industry News: The Portal magazine, a widely read publication distributed to over 170 countries, is a premier resource that provides valuable information, advertising opportunities, and effective communication channels for our members. In addition, our member newsletters keep you updated with the latest association and industry news, keeping you connected and informed.