Membership Benefits

There has never been a better time to join the growing list of IAM members. Here is a list of the top reasons that companies join IAM and remain members for the association:

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Find Partners and Drive Business Growth

  • Display Your Company to the World

Expanded visibility on IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX): IAMX hosts more than 480,000 searches annually by industry professionals seeking to find, qualify and connect with each other in order to do business. More than 250,000 connections are facilitated through IAMX in form of email inquiries, company profile views and company website visits.

  • Highlight The Investments Your Business Has Made

Validating your listing in IAM Mobility Exchange will place your company in the top bracket of search results and present an objective verification of your hard-earned industry credentials—simultaneously enhancing your visibility and credibility to your colleagues. See how easy it is to Validate your IAMX listing.

  • Showcase Your Company at the Industry’s Premier Event

IAM Annual Meeting and Expo: Consistently rated as IAM's most valuable member benefit, the Annual Meeting connects you with hundreds of potential business partners and expands your professional network.

Protect Your Business In The Marketplace

  • When You Provide Service, IAM Can Help You Get Paid!

Receivable Protection Program (RPP): IAM’s RPP program safeguards transactions between IAM members. IAM has delivered millions of dollars in direct benefits back to the IAM membership through the RPP since 2015. Check out the value of the RPP yourself

  • Raise the Professionalism of the Industry

By intervening on unpaid debts through the RPP, facilitating resolution of disputes between members, and enforcing the tenets of the IAM Code of Ethics, your company will be joining an Association that is raising service levels and ensuring the highest possible standards of customer service.

Build Your Team to Maximize Your Profits

  • Industry-Leading Training For Your Entire Staff

IAM Learning develops shared training resources which promote connectivity between members and make collaboration more efficient. IAM Learning provides live and on-demand webinars from experts on industry related topics.

  • Train the Next Generation

IAM Young Professionals: As part of its effort to prepare its members for leadership roles, the group has its own management board that is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair and Member-At-Large positions. Furthermore, it is IAM policy that at least one IAM-YP member has to serve on every committee in the association.

Funding to Support Career Development The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund which provides tuition assistance for students pursuing a transportation-related degree and continuing education needs

Stay Informed On All Industry News

  • The Portal magazine is a truly global publication. Read by thousands around the world and distributed to more than 170 countries six times a year, the Portal Magazine is our members' premier information, advertising and communications resource.
  • Member newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the association and industry news.

Speak With A Common Voice

  • IAM is your company’s most effective advocate before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and the Department of Defense. We work tirelessly to represent your interests to U.S. lawmakers and decision makers to support outcomes that make sense for the global mobility industry—see the regular Looking Back column in the Portal magazine for example after example. In uncertain times, IAM has your back.