Nominate a Leader: The IAM Excellence in Leadership Award

About the Award

The Excellence in Leadership Award, presented by the IAM Leadership Alliance Council, honors individuals who significantly contribute to the moving and mobility industry. It recognizes leaders who demonstrate exceptional commitment to growth, effective and motivational leadership, and equitable work environments.

Why Nominate?

Nominating a colleague or leader for the IAM Excellence in Leadership Award is more than just an acknowledgment; it celebrates exemplary leadership and impact in the global moving and mobility industry. This award is your opportunity to highlight those who make a difference, inspire growth, and lead by example.

How to Nominate

Nominating is straightforward:

  • Prepare your nomination entry.
  • Express yourself in your native language, reflecting the award's international essence.
  • Submit your nomination through our online form.

Please note Submission will open on March 1 and close on August 2.

The Selection Process

This prestigious award features a unique judging process:

  • Anonymous evaluation: Judges review submissions without any self-identifying information about the candidates, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection based on merit.

Eligibility and Submission

  • Open to current IAM members (individual or employee of a member company).
  • Nominations accepted from IAM members in good standing.
  • Both self-nominations and third-party nominations are welcome.
  • Submission period: March 1 - August 2.

Selection Criteria

Candidates for the award are evaluated based on:

  • Strategic and innovative thinking.
  • Leadership in challenging situations.
  • Promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Ability to engage in constructive conflict and problem-solving.
  • Contribution to the organization's success and industry respect.
  • Involvement in community or social work.

Make a Difference with Your Nomination

By nominating a leader or colleague, you're recognizing their individual achievements and encouraging a culture of excellence and innovation in the moving and mobility industry. Your nomination can shine a light on those who lead with integrity, resilience, and a commitment to progress. Join us in celebrating leadership that makes a difference!

Previous Winners: A Source of Inspiration

2022: Simon Hood, Owner of John Mason International, UK. Recognized for his remarkable leadership during challenging times including the Covid-19 crisis and global shipping issues.

2023: Marcel Jörg, CEO of Gosselin Moving. He was celebrated for his transformative leadership, fostering team spirit, promoting equality, employee well-being, and work-life balance.

These leaders exemplify the spirit of the Excellence in Leadership Award, showcasing impactful leadership and a dedication to overcoming industry challenges.

Not Eligible

Non-IAM members cannot submit nominations or be nominated.