The Excellence in Leadership Award

The awards and recognitions program designed by the IAM Leadership Alliance Council acknowledges individual or organizational excellence each year. The award is given to the individual or group who has most positively affected the global moving and mobility industry and is attuned to current events of significance or relevance.

This year, the Leadership Alliance Council has chosen to honor an individual for significant contributions in the area of leadership. This award recognizes a staff member, regardless of their role within the organization, who demonstrates a commitment to professional growth; provides leadership to their team that is impactful, effective, motivational, and consistent; and provides an equitable working environment for all team members.

Submission will open on March 1 and close on Aug. 2.

Selection Criteria

A selection committee of current IAM members determines the recipient of the Leadership Award. Honorees are selected in accordance with the following award criteria, based upon the degree of demonstrated excellence and the impact of the honoree’s actions. Strong nominees may exhibit several of the characteristics listed below:

  • Demonstrates strategic and future-focused thinking and a commitment to innovation, long-term learning, and visionary leadership.
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership in overcoming a situation which is unusual and worthy of recognition.
  • Drives activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion as an inclusive leader.
  • Embraces constructive conflict to put critical topics on the table for discussion. A leader who engages in constructive conflict:
    • Creates lively and interesting meetings
    • Extracts and uses the ideas of all team members
    • Solves real problems quickly
    • Minimizes politics
  • Shares credit with colleagues and team members, keeps commitments, promotes a culture of creativity, and is dedicated to the organization's ongoing success.
  • Is trusted and respected for their ethics and work philosophy in the industry.
  • Engages in driving forward community work or social work in their country.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The nominee must be a current IAM member (individual member or employee of a member company).
  • Nominations can be submitted by IAM members in good standing.
  • All submissions must be received through the online application form. 
  • Self-nomination is permitted.

Not Eligible

  • Non-IAM members are not permitted to submit or receive a nomination.