IAM's U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Movers Group (DAB) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the IAM’s US Domestic Asset-Based Mover (DAB) Initiative?

The DAB is a member-led initiative that has been established to provide the backbone of the world’s largest moving market (the United States) with a voice and an advocate for their businesses. DABs are moving companies that have assets such as a warehouse, trucks and staff and conduct either US intrastate or interstate moves.

Why is the DAB Initiative Necessary?

For too long, independent movers and agents of US van lines have not had an advocate for their needs. As the backbone of the world’s largest moving market, these companies need representation and advocacy to give voice to their collective will to lawmakers and regulators. As the only US-based national trade association focused solely on the moving industry, the International Association of Movers (IAM) can provide that voice.

What Benefits Does My Company Receive if it Joins the DAB?

Read the full value proposition that your company can expect.

OK - That Sounds Good! How do I become a DAB?

The DAB is a part of the International Association of Movers (IAM). In order to participate as a DAB, join the International Association of Movers. Not only will you be able to differentiate your company as a DAB and network with other companies like your own, you will gain access to valuable services like the IAM Receivable Protection Program (RPP).

When you say “differentiate your company as a DAB”, what does that mean?

When your company joins IAM, it will have to validate its listing on IAM’s universal service provider directory, the IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX). This is just a fancy way of saying that you will need to prove that your company is in fact a domestic asset-based mover by showing that you possess warehouses, trucks, etc. DABs should be recognized for the investments they have made in their company and IAM will utilize this process to ensure that only companies like yours are able to identify themselves as DABs. Once you have proven that your company is a DAB, IAMX users will be able to identify which companies are DABs and browse to find DABs only.

Does IAM provide the compliance services required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?

Yes, IAM can connect your company with customer arbitration and process agent (BOC-3) services FOR FREE! Learn more at www.iamovers.org/interstate_compliance. Non-members may utilize these services but it will cost a flat fee of $250 per year.

What Else Can I Expect as a DAB if I join IAM?

A volunteer Taskforce of member leaders from the DAB community are working closely with IAM Staff to provide your company with the following services:

  • Important News and Information for DABs - This newsletter has been created by DABs for DABs
  • Access to the DAB LinkedIn Group – This is a place where DABs can discuss and learn from one another year round.
  • DAB Event(s) to Engage Independent Movers and Van Line Agents through networking, business development, training, and education
  • State-of-the-art training programs through IAM Learning to educate your staff and crews on the moving business and how to take your company to the next level

Can I use the DAB logo on my website, trucks, email signatures, etc.?

Yes, when you join IAM and validate that your company is a DAB, IAM will provide you with this logo to use according to their logo and branding policy.