IAM's U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Mover Group (DAB)

Welcome to the U.S. Domestic Asset-Based (US-DAB) Mover Group. Often, when people think of IAM, they think it’s an association for movers involved in international moving. While that is certainly one facet, IAM is an international association for all movers, and we can help you grow your business, even if you currently do no international business.


IAM set up the group to ensure we were focusing on areas important for U.S. asset-based movers. The DAB Management Board consists of 18 members with diverse backgrounds from across the country. This board will help establish the “voice of the DAB” in IAM and ensure IAM is working on things important to the DAB demographic.

DAB Resources

How to Join DAB

This is a special interest group for IAM Members who fit the above description. If you are not already an IAM member, fill out this form to start the membership process.

If you are an IAM member, Contact IAM's Membership Team to learn more about becoming a DAB member.

When your company joins the US Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover group, it is identified to IAM’s worldwide community as an asset-based mover that can be their partner in the US. IAM does this in the following ways:

  • Addition of a “DAB” indicator on your company’s IAMX profile
  • Ability to search for only “DAB” companies on IAMX
  • Provide your company with the DAB logo to place on your website and marketing materials

Beyond highlighting your company’s capabilities, IAM wants to connect DAB Movers to create a true community of asset-based movers in the US who face similar challenges but also share how they have utilized their assets to realize new business opportunities. IAM intends to do this in the following ways:

  • Organize a DAB Meeting at the IAM Annual Meeting
  • Host regular virtual events and conversations through the year focused on DAB-related issues
  • Share news and updates that are relevant to DABs through IAM’s electronic communications, like the monthly DAB newsletter and the Portal Magazine
  • Access to the DAB LinkedIn Group to network and share DAB specific issues and ideas

One of the challenges DABs face is remaining compliant with USDOT interstate mover requirements. IAM has the solution for DABs who need to designate process agents in 50 states and to provide an arbitration service to their customers. All DABs can avail themselves of this service at no additional charge.

And finally, the DABs represent the “boots at the curb” of the US moving industry. They have a unique perspective to influence IAM’s advocacy on Capitol Hill, with federal regulatory agencies, and U.S. Government shippers. Remember specifically that there is a strength in numbers and DABs can impact federal policy more effectively together than alone. Become a part of the DAB Mover Group today and we can join forces to fight for asset-based movers across the country!

Whom should I contact for more information?

IAM's point of contact for the DAB group is Daniel Bradley.