IAM's Membership Referral Program

IAM is excited to introduce the Member-Get-a-Member Program! By participating in this program, you'll spread the word about our vibrant network and be rewarded for your efforts. 
Multiply your value and help us expand the IAM Network. We can significantly impact and create even more value for all members!


How the Referral Program Works

  1. Companies that have been members with IAM for more than six months are eligible to earn rewards for new member company referrals.
  2. The new member company will need to complete the member referral online application.
  3. Upon the new company completing the 30-day prospective member period, your company is eligible for a $250 credit to use towards the membership renewal, annual meeting registration, or an IAM Learning Training program for each new company you refer to IAM.

    * The credit must be utilized within 12 months from the date it is received and will not remain valid beyond the 12-month period.

Program Rules:

  • Name of the company referred needs to be on the new member referral application. Referrals cannot be claimed after the company joins.
  • Referring company needs to be a member in good standing and has held membership for at least six months.
  • Not applicable to the Branch Member Discount Program.
  • Companies reinstating their membership are not eligible to count towards the referral program.   

How to talk to a peer about IAM:

  • Share your favorite IAM membership benefit and how it has improved your business.
  • Explain your experience during the IAM Annual Meeting & Trade Show.
  • Share the names of your business connections.
  • Tell a story about a challenge that IAM helped you solve.
  • Convey IAM’s Strategic Plan.

By inviting quality companies to join IAM, you'll expand the professional network and support the IAM mission to be the goal champion for the moving industry by advancing our members' professionalism and operational excellence.