IAM Is Unveiling New Membership Categories for All Members

Beginning with the 2023 membership year, your company will need to select one of our revised membership categories (see below).

Take our New Member Category Quiz to figure out which members category is best for you!


Why Are We Making This Change?

Right now, your company is either a Governing, Core or Supplier member. These categories are primarily functional in nature, describing the type of work your company does and how it fits into the household goods moving and forwarding industry; however, our business environment is changing. The Global Household Goods contract will soon come into effect; remote work is here to stay and moving demographics are changing; technology is redefining the ways we connect, learn, and work.


The Association’s leadership is redefining membership to meet these new challenges. This process will fulfill one phase of IAM’s strategic plan—to restructure membership in support of creating a world-class experience for our members.


How Will the New Categories Affect My Company?

IAM’s programs and services—the Annual Meeting & Expo, the Receivable Protection Program, Mobility Exchange, and many more—will all remain the same. The new membership categories will give you more flexibility in choosing which IAM services are right for your company. Instead of your membership cost and benefits being set by your business model, you will be able to select your level of engagement based on which benefits you value most.


Here's What You Need to Do Now

The new member categories will go into effect starting with the 2023 membership year. It is critically important that decision-makers in your organization become familiar with the new membership categories and benefits so that they can make an informed decision before renewal notices are sent in mid-December of this year.


Step 1:

Review the chart of new membership categories, their costs, and their associated member benefits.

IAM Membership Tiers

 * The Enhanced Benefits on the Member Category graphic signify that Premier Members will receive an even more valuable benefit that what is offered to the Core Members. For instance, Core Members will receive a 25% on all IAM Learning products. Premier Members receive this same discount, but IAM also gives Premier members a yearly IAM Learning credit of $500 USD.

We are currently developing resources that will walk you through the details so you see what new category is best for your company—they will be available soon, so please watch your inbox.

Step 2:

Take the survey to guide you through the membership category selection process.


Step 3:

Watch for communications over the coming months that will instruct you how and where to officially select your membership category for 2023 and beyond.


If you have questions that are not answered above, please contact us at membership@iamovers.org.



This effort is part of IAM’s larger strategic plan. Learn more about the Strategic Plan and contact us if you would like more information, or to support this plan by volunteering your expertise. Thank you for your membership in IAM!