IAM Announces New Women-Led Leadership Program

Successful organizations in the global mobility industry depend on strong leaders prepared to tackle strategic challenges today and in the future. Leadership teams should be made up of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences who bring varied viewpoints to the table. IAM’s Leadership Alliance Program will be designed to help individuals enhance their leadership skills and help organizations build dynamic leadership teams.

During the summer Female Leadership in Global Moving & Mobility webinar, and the Female Networking session held during the virtual conference, the open forums provided an interactive discussion among the participants from all over the globe. The participants voiced a need for IAM to create a program to address a wide range of issues women face in the workforce; ranging from a lack of mentorship opportunities, gender bias, limited opportunities to serve in leadership roles, to a lack of professional development and training. 

Over the past several months, IAM staff, alongside Georgia Angell, Chair of the Leadership Alliance program, held a number of listening sessions to develop a framework for the program and to identify the council members. We heard loud and clear from the women in the global mobility industry that three tracks of training need to be established to provide training specifically designed for women, training for men and women, and a diversity training program.

Julia O’Connor, IAM Director of Membership & Database Management, said, “The programs will bring personal experience to the education process and provide a climate that makes the learner feel supported and respected. A blended learning format will be created to combine aspects of online learning and face-to-face instruction.”

To ensure the IAM Leadership Alliance program is addressing the specific needs of the membership, a Leadership Alliance Council of nine IAM members will lead the initiatives of the program. Please welcome your Leadership Alliance Council members:

  1. Chair: Georgia Angell, Trellis Vine Consulting, LLC (USA)
  2. Aakanksha Bhargava, P.M. Relocations Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  3. Karl Greaves, Michael Greaves Associates (Barbados)
  4. Brielle Jones, Tri Global (The Netherlands)
  5. Ann Knapp, Global Mobility Solutions (USA)
  6. Lydia Kunihira Kaweesa, Worldwide Movers Uganda Limited (Uganda)
  7. Abhilash Nair, ISS Relocations (United Arab Emirates)
  8. Danielle Oaks, AMJ Campbell International (Canada)
  9. Macarena Scalia, NEDRAC, Inc. (USA)


IAM Staff Liaisons

  1. Nicola Collett, Membership Services Coordinator
  2. Jamila Kenney, Manager, Operations
  3. Julia O’Connor, Director of Membership & Database Management

To kick off the women-led webinar series, please join us on February 18th at 11:00 am EST for the Women Business Owners Share Their Secrets to Success webcast. Register today through IAM Learning.

Coming up soon on the Podcast series, we will interview Georgia Angell, Trellis Vine Consulting, and Nicki French, General Operations Manager with Grace, to discuss how Grace is placing more women in management roles. Later on this month, IAM President Chuck White and IAM’s Manger, Operations Jamila Kenney will discuss Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.