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IAM communicates with its members and stakeholders using every medium. The most frequent communications are through the bi-weekly e-Portal newsletter, the bi-weekly eGov/Mil newsletter (and companion blog on the IAM Social Cafe), the IAM-YP On the Move newsletter, and through e-Blasts when the information is need-to-know for the membership.

Our website communications, including and the Annual Meeting website, strive to answer all members' questions about the Association and its products and services; provide industry news and a calendar of events; and up-to-date information about membership services.

As you go through the items listed here, one product we are very proud of is one that members also contribute to: the Shipper Guides. These country-specific customs guides are constantly updated, and much of the information comes from IAM’s Core Members Management Board and other members who inform us of changes in their areas of the world.

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The Portal regularly builds issues around themes, some of which are suggested by IAM members. Past topics popular among our readers include Women in the Industry, Family-Owned Businesses, Couples in Charge, Member Milestones, Logistics, Containers and Packaging, and Travel Tips. Themes and submission guidelines for upcoming issues are announced in The Portal, via email, and on the website. We welcome your theme ideas and article submissions.

For announcements on upcoming themes to which you can contribute, sign up for IAM’s ePortal distribution list.

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The Portal Magazine

Latest Issue: The Portal - Mar/Apr 2017

Issue Highlights:
  • HEADLINES / Terry R. Head
    • That Was Then ... Now Is Wow!
    Eastern Promises: How Movers Seized Their Moment / Joyce Dexter
    Companies featured:
    • Gosselin Mobility
    • Voerman Russia
    • M&TM Freight
    • InterNational Moving Services Ltd.—IMS
    • Lynden International
    • Credo Movers Croatia
    • FF International Movers
    • Universal Express
    • CDD Relocation
    • The Leff Group
  • IAM Young Professionals (IAM-YP)
    • Helsinki: Finland’s Jewel on the Baltic / Juhana Eskela
  • Military/Government Update
    • What’s on the Radar for the DOD Moving Program? / Charles L. White
  • IAM Looking Back
    • Through Government Bill of Lading (TGBL) versus Direct Procurement Method / Rick Curry
  • Movers Doing Good
  • Washington Update / Jim Wise and Bryan Vickers, PACE, LLC

Video Spotlight

Social media and mobile devices are the new normal. Are you ready?

Coming Up in The Portal

In every issue of The Portal, we invite our authors to share their experiences, success stories, learning experiences, and vision with others in the moving and forwarding industry. In addition to our regular columns, feature articles for each issue are united by a central theme.

Visit our Coming Up In The Portal page to read about upcoming themes and deadlines for the next issue of the magazine, and return often, as it will change regularly.

Our Guidelines for Submitting page details regular columns to which you may submit articles and news, as well as our submission guidelines and instructions.

Our Editorial Calendar will give you a glance further into the themes of future issues.


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