2018 Editorial Calendar for The Portal

The International Association of Movers magazine, The Portal, is read by thousands around the world and mailed to more than 170 countries six times a year. It is our members' premier information, advertising and communications resource. We welcome submissions of articles and news from our members in every issue; visit our Coming Up In The Portal page to read about upcoming themes and deadlines for the next issue of the magazine, and return often, as it will change regularly. The Submit Your Story page details regular columns to which you may submit articles and news, as well as our submission guidelines and instructions.

Themes for upcoming issues:

January/February (Deadline: December 15, 2017)
In a Previous Life...
Many of today’s IAM members never really planned to go into the moving business but fell into the job—and in love with it—by accident. Whether you were a rugby player, a banker or an optician in your previous life, we’d like to know how you came to reconsider your life’s work and how your career has progressed.

March/April (Deadline: February 15)
Movers Doing Good
Horrific hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, the devastating earthquake in Mexico and other disasters have caused human misery on an epic scale—and brought out the best in IAM members. Their compassion, logistics expertise and other support will help affected communities rebuild and renew. If you’ve been a part of that process, or found other ways to assist the less fortunate in your own area, please tell us what you’re doing, why it’s important and what your good works mean to you and your company.

May/June (Deadline: April 15)
Regional Focus: The Middle East
The Middle East is a complex part of the world where movers must be resourceful and skillful to adapt to fluid and sometimes dangerous conditions. We invite IAM members in the Middle East region to introduce themselves to Portal readers and describe the challenges and opportunities of doing business there.

July/August (Deadline: June 15)
Where Are They Now?
We will reconnect with previous recipients of tuition assistance from the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund to discover the paths they have taken, and how the scholarship has helped them build a strong foundation for career growth.

September/October (Deadline: August 15)
Annual Meeting issue: An overview of planned events.

Also: A Focus on IAM-YPs
IAM’s Young Professional movers represent the future of the industry. We’ll do a reality check, exploring the hopes, dreams and ambitions of the Millennial generation.

November/December (Deadline: October 15)
Relive the experience in Washington, DC, through our review and photos.


Please submit editorial content to BOTH Will Kohudic and Joyce Dexter.