2017 Editorial Calendar for The Portal

The International Association of Movers magazine, The Portal, is read by thousands around the world and mailed to more than 170 countries six times a year. It is our members' premier information, advertising and communications resource. We welcome submissions of articles and news from our members in every issue; visit our Coming Up In The Portal page to read about upcoming themes and deadlines for the next issue of the magazine, and return often, as it will change regularly. The Submit Your Story page details regular columns to which you may submit articles and news, as well as our submission guidelines and instructions.

Themes for upcoming issues:

January/February (Deadline: January 15)
The Best Man or Woman for the Job
How do companies seek and sort out candidates for positions in their companies?

March/April (Deadline: February 15)
Eastern Europe: A Regional Focus
For the first time, The Portal will turn the spotlight toward the Baltic States and former Soviet Socialist Republics. We’ll look at the ways the industry has developed in that region.

May/June (Deadline: April 15)
Rising Stars, Big Ideas
We’d like to know about younger executives who have proposed ideas that paid big dividends for their companies. Millennials/YPs will surely have things to say, but we also expect to hear from old-timers who made valuable contributions back in the day, when they were new on the job.

July/August (Deadline: June 15)
A Salute to Canada
The Portal will celebrate our neighbor to the north, as Canada marks its 150th anniversary in 2017. IAM members in Canada will have an opportunity to introduce themselves in the magazine, and we’ll take a look at the Canadian Association of Movers and its activities on behalf of its members.

September/October (Deadline: August 15)
Annual Meeting issue: An overview of planned events.

Also:The Greening of the Industry
An updated look at the industry’s environmental costs and contributions to the planet. Are you recycling moving pads or using recycled materials to manufacture them? Are plastic containers gaining currency over wooden ones, and why? How do you ensure you’re getting optimal use out of your packing tools? What do you do with cartons/crates at the end of their useful life? What is being done to minimize waste? Are customer inquiries prompting you to go green (e.g., use recycled materials, alternative fuels)?

November/December (Deadline: October 15)
A recap and photo review of the Annual Meeting.

January/February 2018 (Deadline: January 15)

March/April 2018 (Deadline: February 15)

Please submit editorial content to BOTH Janet Seely and Joyce Dexter.