IAM Alleged Debtor List

The IAM Alleged Debtor List is a collection of all IAM Members who are allegedly not paying their invoices to other members. The following IAM member companies have not resolved outstanding invoices to other members and IAM's intervention to resolve these debts have proceeded to the level stipulated by the IAM Executive Committee for publication on the Alleged Debtor List:

Arnold International Movers dba Sterling International, GNT Supply Chain Solutions SPC, and Versfelt Worldwide Movers were due to be added to the May 2017 Alleged Debtor List because they failed to resolve unpaid debts owed to other IAM Members. See the writeup on Arnold International Movers dba Sterling International. GNT Supply Chain Solutions SPC’s IAM Membership was cancelled because of nonpayment of dues. Versfelt Worlwide Movers’ IAM Membership was cancelled voluntarily.

BluFox (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
102F Pasir Panjang Road
#07-12 Citilink Warehouse Complex
Singapore, 118530

Cittadini SPA
Via Dell' Omo Nr. 85
155 Rome
Total Complaints: 3

Confianca Mudancas & Transportes Ltda. 
Av. Luciano Carneiro, 2255
Vila Uniao
Fortaleza, Ceara, 60410-691 
Total Complaints: 1
There are other IAM Members who have similar names to this entity. Please note that only this entity is listed as an Alleged Debtor and this designation should not be applied to other companies with similar names.

Corea International Logistics
309-1 Patj-Ri, Paju-Eup
Paju-St, 413-865 
South Korea
Total Complaints: 1

Global International Inc.
2680 14th Avenue, Unit # 11
Markham (Toronto), ON L3R 5B2
Total Complaints: 2

Guardian Overseas Shipping Limited
2222 Gladwin Crescent
Ottawa, ON K1B 4S6
Total Complaints: 2

Move Management International, Inc.
P.O. Box 566204
Miami, FL 33256-6204
Total Complaints: 2

MovingStar Moving and Storage
P.O. Box 6021
Fremont, CA 94538-0621
United States of America
Total Complaints: 1

Rocky Mountain Overseas Inc.
3250 Oakland St Unit C
Aurora, CO 80010-1513
Total Complaints: 1

SLS Move Relocation
8, Rue Jean Henri Lambert
67100 Strasbourg
Total Complaints: 1

If your company is owed money by any of these companies, please complete an RPP Claim Form and submit to IAM at rpp@iamovers.org. IAM Staff will review the invoices and determine whether your company may be in line to receive Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the RPP. 

Bankruptcies, Liquidations, Expulsions, Cancellations

Arnold International Movers (AIM) dba Sterling International

This company was cancelled as an IAM Member on April 21, 2017.  We understand that Arnold International Movers dba Sterling International is in the process of being dissolved. This company is an affiliated entity of A Arnold Moving, but it is important to note that A Arnold Moving has not been an IAM Member since January 15, 2015; therefore, any debts owed by this company or its subsidiaries are not eligible for Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the RPP.

If you are owed money by Arnold International Movers dba Sterling International, please contact IAM immediately at rpp@iamovers.org to determine if your debt qualifies for Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the RPP. If you are looking for information on a shipment that is currently in process or you were working on with A Arnold or Sterling International, please contact Angel.hall@a-arnold.com.

Q Removals ApS

IAM was informed on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, that this company was no longer operating and would shortly cease to exist. If you are owed money by Q Removals ApS, please contact IAM immediately at rpp@iamovers.org to determine if your debt qualifies for Unpaid Invoice Compensation

IAM Member Companies Canceled Voluntarily and for Nonpayment of Dues

Below is a link to the list of IAM Members who have failed to pay their membership dues, which were first invoiced in December 2016.

IAM has made multiple efforts, by every means of communication available to us, to encourage these members to bring their dues current. We are now removing these companies as IAM members. Some companies have voluntarily canceled membership, and some have simply failed to respond; links to both categories of canceled members are below:

Members Canceled for Nonpayment of Dues | Voluntary Member Cancellations

As of May 3, 2017, all benefits of IAM membership will cease for these members. Canceled members must remove the IAM logo from websites, business cards, letterhead and any other marketing materials, print or electronic.

The Canceled Members List will remain on IAM's website for all members in good standing to consult as they go about doing business.

RPP Note: Canceled companies are no longer covered under the Receivable Protection Program; therefore, any unpaid invoice owed by a canceled company issued after May 3, 2017, will not be eligible for Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the RPP. If your company is owed money from any of these companies on an unpaid invoice dated on or before May 3, please submit it to rpp@iamovers.org so it can be recorded as a potential claim should the debtor go out of business.

Further, IAM can no longer intervene with these companies through the Invoice Dispute Resolution Process, as they are no longer members. Members in good standing are encouraged to review all trading relationships with these companies, and be aware that IAM is neither able to compel a non-member to pay outstanding debts owed to an IAM Member nor pay out on claims lodged against that non-member.

If canceled members request to be reinstated at a later date, additional charges will apply or the company may be required to undertake the full application process.

Under IAM policy, Association Staff does not permit any company to reinstate their membership if the Association is aware that they owe outstanding monies to a member of IAM in good standing.