IAM Alleged Debtor List

The IAM Alleged Debtor List is a collection of all IAM Members who are allegedly not paying their invoices to other members. The following IAM member companies have not resolved outstanding invoices to other members and IAM's intervention to resolve these debts have proceeded to the level stipulated by the IAM Executive Committee for publication on the Alleged Debtor List:

Arnold International Movers dba Sterling International 
5200 Interchange Way
Louisville, KY 40229-2190
Total Complaints: 1

Cittadini SPA
Via Dell' Omo Nr. 85
155 Rome
Total Complaints: 3

Confianca Mudancas & Transportes Ltda. 
Av. Luciano Carneiro, 2255
Vila Uniao
Fortaleza, Ceara, 60410-691 
Total Complaints: 1
There are other IAM Members who have similar names to this entity. Please note that only this entity is listed as an Alleged Debtor and this designation should not be applied to other companies with similar names.

Global International Inc.
2680 14th Avenue, Unit # 11
Markham (Toronto), ON L3R 5B2
Total Complaints: 1

GNT Supply Chain Solutions SPC
Office 1108, The Address Tower
P.O. Box 65378
Total Complaints: 1

MovingStar Moving and Storage
P.O. Box 6021
Fremont, CA 94538-0621
United States of America
Total Complaints: 1

SLS Move Relocation
8, Rue Jean Henri Lambert
67100 Strasbourg
Total Complaints: 1

Versfelt Worldwide Movers
Park Forum 1119
5657HK Eindhoven 
The Netherlands
Total Complaints: 1

If your company is owed money by any of these companies, please complete an RPP Claim Form and submit to IAM at rpp@iamovers.org. IAM Staff will review the invoices and determine whether your company may be in line to receive Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the RPP. 

Bankruptcies, Liquidations, Expulsions, Cancellations

Graebel Van Lines LLC Ceases Operations

Graebel Van Lines, LLC and its affiliates ceased operations effective March 22, 2017. If your company is owed money by Graebel Van Lines, LLC, IAM strongly encourages you to complete Receivable Protection Program (RPP) claim form to see if your company is eligible for Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the RPP.

Previous Bankruptcies, Liquidations, Expulsions, Cancellations

The following companies were listed on the Alleged Debtor List or in this section in previous distributions of the IAM Alleged Debtor List but have since been cancelled as IAM Members as a result of non-payment of dues or bankruptcy / liquidation / ceasing of operations:

  • Corea International Logistics, South Korea
  • Diamond Worldwide Relocations, USA
  • EasyTrans, Greece
  • Evergreen Forwarding, Inc., USA
  • FoxLog SRL, Italy
  • Global Relocations LLC, UAE
  • iMoveGreen, USA
  • Ptypackers SA, Panama
  • Raffles Movers International, Singapore

IAM will honor any unpaid invoices from these companies if they were issued while the company was still a member of IAM provided the unpaid invoice satisfies all the other necessary conditions for unpaid invoice compensation through the RPP. Please submit claims as soon as possible.

Under IAM policy, Association Staff does not permit any company to reinstate their membership if the Association is aware that they owe outstanding monies to a member of IAM in good standing.