ePortal November 12, 2016

November 12, 2016

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  • Presentations from IAM's 54th Annual Meeting are now Online
  • IAM President Terry Head Attends Moving Industry Summit
  • IAM Looking Back
  • Manage International Payments with FXcompared
  • Recent Posts on IAM Connected
  • Industry News
  • Member News

Presentations from IAM's 54th Annual Meeting are now Online

IAM's 54th Annual Meeting was a huge success and presentations are now online from the various sessions. Contact Carl Weaver with questions.

IAM President Terry Head Attends Moving Industry Summit

For the second consecutive year, IAM President Terry Head is participating in a Moving Industry Summit convened by the Federation of European Movers Associations (FEDEMAC) to discuss how industry trade associations from around the world can collaborate and cooperate on items of mutual interest for the benefit of their respective memberships and the industry. This year's Summit is being held in Luxembourg. Other participating organizations are BAR. FIDI and LACMA.

IAM Looking Back

IAM Looking Back is a project designed to document our origins and celebrate the people whose accomplishments and dedication have made the moving industry and the Association what they are today. YOU are an important part of the story, and we need your help to complete it. Join the IAM Looking Back group on Facebook or read more on the IAM website.

Manage International Payments with FXcompared

IAM has partnered with FXcompared to help you and your clients process international payments. By working with FXcompared, you can save money when sending or receiving payments in a foreign currency. FXcompared provides a gateway to the leading payments providers from around the world.

Recent Posts on IAM Connected


Industry News

Transfer of Residence (TOR) Pre-import online application - Process for UK Only

On the 4th November, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) published Customs Information Paper 57. This document sets forth a new process for clearing household goods and personal effects in to the UK. As advised, this will take effect from 1st Jan 2017. Please read the letter from BAR to learn more about the implementation date and process summary.
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Massive investments to take place in Antwerp port

The port of Antwerp has announced a significant amount of invetments to come in the next few years. Specifically, the SEA-Invest group is planning construction of a new tanker terminal in the Delwaide dock representing an investment of 250 million euros. In the same dock the group will also operate an independent container terminal that it has acquired from Independent Maritime Terminal.

Full Story at Safety4Sea >

Bank of Ireland Joins Others in Shipping Loan Wind Down

Bank of Ireland said it is winding down its shipping business, joining other banks looking to cut non-core lending and exposure to an industry suffering its worst downturn. Parts of the shipping industry are suffering their deepest ever downturn as international trade slows. Around 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea.

Full Story at gCaptain >

New Austrian Toll Charges Will Hit Freight Trucks on Road Haulage Operation

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has informed road haulage outfits using Austrian roads of the planned changes to the current truck and bus toll system in the country, which come into force from January 1, 2017. The new tolling structure is set to include a surcharge for noise and harmful emissions, instead of the previous four-stage bonus-malus system in line with the Euro emission classes.

Full Story at Handy Shipping Guide >

More Uber for freight - no really, it's Uber Freight

One company that is definitely embracing the "Uber for freight" model is Uber. Many know that Uber purchased a startup company called Otto. If you are not familiar with Otto, it is a business that has been promising to deliver an add-on "autonomous" driving technology that could be bolted onto existing trucks.

Full Story at FleetOwner >


Member News

Asian Express International Movers Ltd. appoints Warwick Woodley to General Manager in Hong Kong

Asian Express International Movers Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Warwick Woodley to the position of General Manager in Hong Kong (Southern China). Following a career of some 30 years as General Manager at New Zealand Van Lines, Warwick has decided to move offshore to extend his experience, and a chance discussion with Asian Express led to mutual agreement and a decision to join the company early October 2016.

Ana Gaspar is new export manager at Global in Portugal

Ana Gaspar has become the new export manager for Global International Relocations in Portugal. Ana joined the GIR family in September 2013 as a move coordinator. The company said that over the years she has proven to be very capable of taking on greater challenges through her detailed approach and undivided attention to customer needs. As export manager she now runs the company's export team.

Mercovan Argentina Moves to New Offices

After having been for more than 20 years in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, Mercovan Argentina offices move to the exclusive and traditional neighborhood of Nunez. Located in the north of Buenos Aires city, in a very pleasant, safe environment and greater proximity to our customers. Mercovan Argentina staff is very pleased with these new offices and change, which reflects continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Guests are Welcome! New address:

Juana Azurduy 1520 3rd Floor of. C, D & E

C.P. 1429

Ciudad de Buenos Aires