Nigeria: Surcharges due to congestion at Lagos ports

October 19, 2018

AGS Nigeria would like to inform its partners and colleagues of an increase of additional charges implemented in Lagos on all import and export shipments, following heavy port congestion which has lasted for several months.

Poor road conditions and a lack of infrastructure have led to congestion, paralyzing traffic between Lagos and the ports of Apapa and Tincan, creating heavy tailbacks at the ports. The situation was recently exacerbated due to a strike by truck owners.

The Traffic Congestion Surcharge (TCS) that we’ve previously communicated about has now increased:          

•    About USD 900 for 20’ TC;
•    About USD 1100 for 40’ TC.

The processing time has also been extended significantly:
•    4 to 6 weeks for customs clearance and delivery;
•    2 to 4 weeks for the return of empty containers.

Demurrage and storage costs have rocketed and we advise that you negotiate the demurrage from the start with the shipping companies.

In order to have a better understanding of the situation, please watch this video report from AFP:

Port of Lagos: A nightmare for Nigeria's economy

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