Gosselin Mobility announces Mike Cazalet’s move back to the USA

July 12, 2017

Mike Cazalet, president of Gosselin Mobility announces his departure from Gosselin at the end of September 2017. After four years based in Antwerp, Belgium, Mike has agreed with the Gosselin Board that the time is now right to return home to the USA.

Mike Cazalet reflects: “In October 2013 a longtime friend, Marc Smet, CEO of Gosselin asked me to join him in Belgium to help guide and promote the entire Gosselin Mobility network then in 32 countries and bring them under one brand. The offer was for a one to two year contract - and it was simply a challenge I couldn’t resist.”

“It was also increasingly clear that the growth of business from Relocation Management Company’s, business partners and corporate clients that we needed to expand our operational presence in ‘driver’ markets such as the UK, France and Switzerland. As you know by now, those key locations have been secured with the mergers of DT Moving (UK and France) and the moving division of Packimpex (Switzerland): both firms with incredible reputations, not to mention the globally respected leadership of Nick Kerr and Marcel Jörg.”

“So now, with ‘mission accomplished’ the time has come to pass on the baton; my original agreement with Gosselin turned into almost four incredible years - during which I am proud to have played a key role.”

“I would like to personally thank Marc and the entire Gosselin family for the incredible experience and responsibility which was entrusted to me”.

Commenting on Mike’s departure, Marc Smet said – “Mike has been a major reason for the continued success and growth of Gosselin Mobility and he will most certainly be missed. We would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation for his hard work and wish him all the best for his time back in the US with family.”

Mike Cazalet’s duties will be assumed by Gosselin Mobility joint CEO’s Nick Kerr and Marcel Jörg.

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