COVID-19 Impacts-Supplier Relocation Community Discussion (GSA)

June 22, 2020

On 22 June, the General Services Administration (GSA) held their once-every-three-week Supplier Relocation Community Discussion.


GSA started the call asking if IAM had any inputs for the group.  Growing concerns from industry over face-coverings was discussed.  Recent IAM teleconference over the impacts of the Maritime Division (MARAD) denials of Determination of Non-Availability (DNA) of US Flag service was covered.  And how those DNA denials impact GSA Audit decisions on post-payment audits.  GSA asked IAM to stay connected with GSA over this topic as the conversation with MARAD and Audits moves forward.   


The final IAM topic was with regard to the looming impact of the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Sec 889.  This section details a prohibition from contracting with certain Chinese IT providers when engaged in government contracts.  The implementation of this prohibition is set for 13 August.  Many government contractors believe there is no way to comply with the law by 13 August, and are asking Congress to slip implementation at least a year.  If you aren’t familiar with Sec 889 of the 2019 NDAA, you should make yourself familiar with it.  One article on the topic can be found at FedScoop.


GSA discussed their 5% COVID 19 surcharge, and the fact that some Federal Agencies are now coming to them on interpreting when the 5% applies or doesn’t.  These agencies are now starting to get invoices from TSPs and they are questioning about the applicability.  Specifically, Agencies are picking apart what is included if a shipment was packed our picked up before the inclusive date of the surcharge (13 Mar), but delivered during the inclusive dates.  GSA stated they will work with the Agencies, but to them, for the surcharge to apply, the shipment has to be packed or picked up after 13 March.


GSA stated they had added a 10% surcharge for Ocean shipments.  This surcharge is effective 11 June for shipments packed up picked up after 11 June. 


Both the 5% and 10% surcharges are effective to 31 July, unless extended.  GSA will announce whether they will extend the surcharges not later than 17 July.


GSA stated that their development of the new TMSS was moving along.  They made progress with validation of their shipment report.  They asked for TSP volunteers to run SIT shipment tests; and stated they are getting close to testing their rate filing functionality. 


GSA is having a meeting this week with MARAD on the topic of DNA denials.  If TSPs have specific cases of denied DNA’s you think are problematic, you can send them to Julie Blanford for inclusion into her MARAD engagement. 


GSA is looking at August 10 and 11 for their next Pre-bid Meeting.  It will not be face to face, but will be done virtually. 


With rate filing in the new TMSS this year, someone asked whether TSPs will have to file rates, or whether they can be carried over.  GSA responded that it was a similar process as the current process, only easier. 


GSA stated if you received a GSA Enterprise survey, they’d appreciate it if you took the time to complete the survey and provide them feedback on how they are doing.