USTC J9 Stop Movement Call (9 June)

June 10, 2020

Highlights from Tuesday’s Stop Movement call with J9:


  • Weeks 20-22 on the Stop Movement Placemat slides show the network is operating at over 50% of pickups compared to the three year average.  This is a significant upward trend from the approximately 30% of workload we were seeing prior to that.  And future projections show that trend continuing to build.
  • J9 discussed shipments put into origin SIT due to Stop Movement, that are now moving in the peak; J9 stated they recognize the issue TSPs are having getting drivers to take those loads, and they are developing a solution to pay line-haul for those shipments at peak rates.
  • The media report of the potential drawdown of nearly 10,000 US Troops in Germany by September was discussed.  J9 stated it’s too early to know any details, or whether/how much impact it would have to the normal rotation of troops from Germany.  They will let us know as soon as they know anything.
  • Some TSPs are finding a few PPSOs are not using the “0058 Authorized Move” statement in block 13 of the BL.  When asked if it was OK as long as those comments, or something similar were found in the remarks section, J9 stated the comments are required in Block 13.  And stated if TSPs cannot get PPSOs to enter those remarks, raise the issue up to the appropriate Service with the BL # for reference so it can be resolved with the PPSO in question.  IAM is available to help coordinate this issue with the appropriate Service POC.
  • The Army Personal Property Lead Element (APPLE) stated they had just received word from Ft Leavenworth that the installation commander has ordered that all moving trucks will be stopped at the front gate to check that movers have the appropriate PPE (masks) and to ensure the Health Protection Protocols form is filled out and ready to be provided to the customer.  These items will be required prior to installation access.
  • The website released an article outlining “green locations” that meet the conditions to lift travel restrictions, subject to the assessment of conditions at individual military installations.  The secretaries of the military departments, commanders of the combatant commands, and the chief management officer will assess specific DOD installations, facilities, or locations under their purview prior to making individual installations green.  Generally speaking, a green state or country doesn’t automatically mean the installation in that area is green, until it is properly assessed by the DoD.  But generally, this is a very good leading indicator under the “conditions-based” stop movement order for installations to be considered green, opening up PCS travel to/from those locations.  Overall, we can reasonably expect this is a signal that shipment totals will continue to rise in those locations, but J9 referred industry to the newsroom releases as one means to follow areas that are turning green.  And J9 is working with the Services to develop procedures for each PPSO to follow to report when their installation has met all requirements to be labeled green.  Right now, J9 is leaning toward using the PPCIG as the area booking offices and TSPs can use to find the status of an installation, but that has yet to be fully decided and coordinated with the Services.