USTC J9 Weekly Peak Season Call (21 May)

May 21, 2020

USTC J9 held their weekly Peak Season call (21 May).  The peak season slides were not available to IAM until after the call, therefore not many comments/questions were derived from the slides.  Many of the industry, and some government participants did not have the slides available due to USTC email firewall issues. 


Notes from the call:


  • Since week 12, still hitting about 30% of historical pickups.
  • Week 20 pickups already at 27%...will continue to grow as data is uploaded in DPS.
  • Week 20 members counseled and shipments awarded trending up; getting closer to 3 year average.
  • Code 2 utilization as a percent of the total took a slight dip from last week, but near 3 year average; DoD looking for more Code 2.
  • Slide 11 shows shipment projections for 24 week outlook…this year’s data, when compared to the same timeframe last year, suggests that we are seeing more activity ramping up near the end of June as compared with last year.
  • Data for average days late for direct deliveries is trending higher than the three year average.
  • Storage management office briefed that there were floods in Michigan and heavy rains in the East. They reminded TSPs that if they encounter issues with storage facilities to contact the SMO immediately.


For those who read my notes from last Thursday’s J9 COVID/Stop Movement call, the Marines provided some welcome updates to their policy on providing the Health Protection Protocols form.  Last week they stated the Commandant of the Marine Corps required movers to provide the form 24 hours in advance of arriving to the residence.  They adjusted that policy today, stating there is no requirement to provide the form 24 hours in advance.  The only requirement now is that it be available at curbside, prior to entering the residence.  The Marines did say, when possible, they’d appreciate a copy of the form be provided to the installation transportation office first thing in the morning when available. 


IAM (Chuck White) raised the topic regarding concerns we are hearing about the stance DoD has taken at many installations to take punitive actions when a mover removes their mask at any time while on the installation.  As temperatures rise in the summer, and movers are spending full days in manual labor in and around the residence, some relief should be given to allow movers to take off masks and get a break when they are outside and practicing proper social distancing, without facing punitive action.  USTC J9 acknowledged this was a complaint they were hearing from movers, and they understand the concern, and stated they have to do a better job of communicating the intent of the requirement.  J9 stated they believed it’s a reasonable request, they understand the impact of wearing a mask while working, and will attempt to address this with the Services to come up with a reasonable stance


The Air Force weighed in on the mask topic, stating when not in the workplace and not near a customer, it’s reasonable that workers should be afforded a break from the mask.  They warned that where an installation commander has made mask wearing a requirement even outside, there was nothing they could do to change that policy; and movers should be aware of those installations.  Air Force also stated that regardless of whether a customer stated it was OK for a mover to not wear their mask in the residence, movers are still expected to adhere to the mask requirement; and that they are counseling customers they are not authorized to waive that requirement for the mover.