USTC J9 Peak Season Call (7 May)

May 07, 2020

J9 held their second Peak Season call of the year.  The session was led by Danny Martinez and COL Gipson.


COL Gipson mentioned that the peak season message was in final editing.  We’ve included the latest IT20.  It contains the updated 10% Adjustment procedures along with the addition of “Civilian” to the reweigh chart. 


The peak season slides contain no major insights, but a few items were noted:


  • Slide 2 shows that between weeks 15 and 18, the % of shipments moved compared to the previous year was 26%, 26%, 21% and 16% respectively; and since the start of the Stop Movement Order, the overall number is near 30%.
  • Slide 2 also shows the percentage of international shipments is lower than normal compared to previous years; and that counseling numbers are up compared to last week, shipments awarded is about half of the three year average, but shipments picked up are still low.
  • As noted last week, slide 4 shows a recent spike in short fuse, but that number is down this week…although is higher than the three year average for this week.  It likely reflects some DPS issues with servicing shipments, and the fact there are less shipments being awarded, so any spike will have a disproportionate impact to the percentage.
  • Slide 7 shows Code 2 utilization as a percent of shipments, is rising.  DoD wants to increase Code 2 significantly this year.
  • J9 reinforced the same message from last year, which is while refusals will be used, that does not negate the need to blackout shipments to manage areas where you know you will have no capacity or desire to service.  If blackouts are not used, refusals will overload the system.


Other notes from the call:


  • One TSP noted an increase in calls from service members looking to move outside of DP3; calling direct to the sales department; J9, AF, and Marines all specifically noted they are not pushing PPMs this summer; Army and Navy were silent on the topic.
  • One TSP noted that their standard offer screen in DPS is blank, not allowing them to accept shipments. Help desk and JPPSO had no resolution; J9 asked for more details.
  • J9 was asked whether it was proper for a shipment to move prior to 30 Jun, when the Block 13 statement was “0058 Delayed”; or if it should be changed to “0058 Authorized”.  J9 said the intent was to track shipments, and some of the other remarks might be more relevant, but they asked for examples and would provide an update once reviewed.
  • A TSP asked about Camp Pendleton requiring additional actions beyond what was outlined in the Health Protocols Advisory…they are requesting a copy of the completed/signed form be sent to Pendleton prior to 3 pm on the day the move is performed.  Marine HQ rep stated the Marines are putting out additional guidance on their Health Protections Protocols policy, and it should be out soon; they said Pendleton is a little ahead of the policy, but that there will be additional requirements on Marine moves.
  • J9 stated FAQs were coming “soon” on Health Protection Protocols, and they would be posted to