JPPSO MA Guidance Regarding Stop Movement Order

March 18, 2020

The purpose of this email is to provide some guidance on how to proceed with the Stop Movement received from USTC to only the shipments in JPPSO MA AOR.I cannot talk to how the other JPPSOs want to proceed. Please use these steps in determine if you will proceed with planned pack and pick up dates. Additionally, JPPSO MA personnel are reaching out to customers to find out how they want to proceed and if a cancellation is needed we will send that to you. My expectation is that you are not cancelling moves at this point without receiving a solid cancellation notice from JPPSO MA and also considering the following when making your decisions to proceed with your business.

Relevant USTC PP Announcements:

This applies to all HHG UB and NTS pickups.


  1. STOP Movements do not apply to members separating or retiring.


  1. STOP movements do not apply to customers who have 1) detached from their departing command and 2) have already left the locality of their detaching command.


  1. STOP movement do apply to customers who have not yet detached or who have detached but have not departed the geographic area of their detaching commands.

                -Customers who are under stop movement however, may have shipments picked up and HELD in SIT at Origin.


  1. STOP Movement does not apply if

                1)      The move had already begun, i.e. the packers had already started packing.


                2)      The customer must be out of quarters- Sold home, end of lease and landlord will not let them extend, required to vacate government quarters.