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In every issue of The Portal, we invite our authors to share their experiences, success stories, learning experiences, and vision with others in the moving and forwarding industry. In addition to our regular columns, feature articles for each issue are united by a central theme. This page contains the theme, guidelines, and deadlines for the upcoming issue of the magazine and will change regularly. Our editorial calendar will give you a glance further into future issues, and the Submit Your Story page details regular columns to which you may submit articles and news, as well as our submission guidelines and instructions.


July/August 2019

We will include TWO feature articles in this year's July/August issue:


An IAM-YP Crystal Ball: Young Movers Consider the Future of the Moving Business

In our July/August issue, we invite our IAM-YP members to share their unique vision of the future of the moving, forwarding and relocation industry. How will the business climate change over the next five or ten years? What will remain the same? What is the logical progression of current trends, and how will outside forces shape our future?

Share your predictions and your analyses of every aspect of the business, including (but not limited to):

  • People - who will tomorrow's movers be?
  • Market forces - what are the next big challenges?
  • Technology - how will emerging technology change the way we do what we do?
  • Customers - people will always need to move, but how will their needs and expectations change?
  • Regulations and politics - how will the countries in which we work affect our operations?
  • Aspirations - what are your hopes and goals for your company and career in the coming decade?


The First Time: How Do You Remember Your First IAM Annual Meeting & Expo Experience?

IAM’s Annual Meeting each fall is the industry’s most eagerly anticipated event of the year—a time to renew old friendships, build relationships and make new connections. But for everyone, there’s a first time. How do you remember your first Annual Meeting? We’d like to hear from you, and share your memories of that experience with our readers in the July/August issue of The Portal, just in time for the 56th Annual Meeting in Chicago this fall. For example:

  • Where and when was your first HHGFAA/IAM Annual Meeting?
  • Were you nervous about being among so many strangers? If so, who or what put you at ease?
  • What is your most vivid memory of that time?
  • How did you feel about the experience when you returned home?
  • What advice would you offer someone attending their first IAM Annual Meeting in October?

We know you’re occupied with the busy summer season looming ahead, so rest assured that a paragraph or two—or quick responses to the guidelines above—will be just fine.

The deadline to submit your story is June 15. Please include a high-resolution photo (a smartphone pic at original resolution will usually suffice) to accompany your submission. Articles MUST be submitted in Word document format (or pasted into an email), and must include the author's name, company and job title.

Please send your article and any questions to Will Kohudic at