U.S. DAB Digest Oct. 12, 2021

October 12, 2021

In this Issue:

  • Government & DAB Content at IAM's Annual Meeting
  • Ask a DAB
    • What is Happening with Various Supply Chain Issues, Labor Shortages and Price Hikes?
  • Walkboard Wisdom
    • Post-Peak Season Staff Development

IAM U.S. DAB Digest

Government & DAB Content at IAM's Annual Meeting; Supply Chain Update

IAM U.S. DAB Digest

Connecting Asset-Based Movers across the U.S.

Government & DAB Content at IAM's Annual Meeting

We are days away from , and for those of you registered to attend either in-person or virtually, here is a quick rundown of the DAB and government-related content this year. For those not signed up, please consider joining us. There is plenty more content beyond this.


13 October

  • PPSO/Service Insights Panel, 11:00 am EDT (4 PPSOs; Navy HQ; Marine HQ reps).
  • Industry 101 White Board session: A presentation for government shippers. (We’ve pushed out a link for DoD and other government shippers to join us for this one-hour session to discuss with them how the moving industry works); 2:30 pm EDT.
  • DAB Mover Group Meeting (Open to all registrants; review of the DAB effort and introduction of the new DAB Management Board Chair and Vice Chair); 4:00 pm EDT.
  • DAB Networking Reception; 5:30 pm EDT.

14 October

  • IAM Claims Committee Meeting (For Claims Committee members); 12:30 pm EDT.
  • Federal Agency HHG Expert Panel (GSA, GSA Audits, Dept of State, MARAD); 4:00 pm EDT.

15 October

  • Claims & Risk Management Panel (Army, AF & Navy MCOs, Civilian Risk Strategies Rep) 8:30 am EDT.
  • Military Spouse Panel: Mil Spouse Perspectives; 10:30 am EDT.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Panel: Personal Property Policy Update (4 USTC Staff Panelists); 2:00 pm EDT.
  • Dept of State Meeting (Special Invite for registered attendees; DOS TSPs); 4:00 pm EDT.
  • DAB Learning Lab: Protect Your Investment: Navigating Safety & Regulatory Compliance (FMCSA, National VL Dir of Safety, Champion Risk & Insurance) 4:00 pm EDT.

16 October

  • Military & Government Affairs: Live Q&A; 2:00 pm EDT.



Ask a DAB

What is Happening with Various Supply Chain Issues, Labor Shortages and Price Hikes?

US Moving Services Providers Face Unprecedented Challenges On Import Shipments

The volume of international shipments destined for the United States from points overseas has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels but the unprecedented challenges being experienced by the global moving services industry have been nothing short of staggering to this day. A perfect storm of pre-existing issues and pandemic-induced effects have landed on US shores causing severe service disruptions, delays and financial hardship for both the industry and its customers.


How is this crisis affecting your business? ; he is looking to get some interest, discussion, quotes, anecdotes about the situation. Also, go check out the , which provide content on topics of interest to the global moving industry. The information is brought to you as a free service by our valued sponsors.


Walkboard Wisdom

Post-Peak Season Staff Development

By Caleb McCartney

What now? As our industry’s peak season comes to a close, it can be tempting to let off the gas and take advantage of the slower pace the winter offers. We have faced unprecedented challenges that have left many of us feeling weary and thankful for a bit of a break. While it’s important to take time to reflect after each peak season, it’s also important to use this time to pour in to your workforce. Training is an often overlooked and underutilized tool in times like these, when businesses are simply trying to adapt to ever-changing conditions and challenges. However, effective training can empower your workforce, help develop effective leaders at every level both in the office and on the street, and increase operational efficiency. So do something your future self will thank you for: train today, thrive tomorrow.


Not sure where to start? Below are some helpful articles to guide you and, as always, is full of helpful training and is available to all member companies.


IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map


Member Spotlight

Caleb McCartney

Caleb McCartney serves as General Manager of , a family owned and operated company providing top-notch residential, commercial, international and DoD relocation services to Northern Virginia and beyond. Caleb joined the business’s Operations Department in 2015, electing to spend his first summer in the warehouse and on the trucks gaining valuable experience that would eventually help him more effectively lead the company and its employees. Shortly after that first summer, he was promoted to Operations Manager where he furthered his knowledge of the industry’s ins and outs before rising to his current position as General Manager. He is now responsible for the management of all business operations including handling the company’s military SCAC, rate filing, compensation agreements, DOD relations and marketing, as well as leading the day-to-day operations of the company’s 60,000 sqft. facility and team of employees.

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