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September 01, 2021

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  • Have it Your Way - In Person or Virtual
  • Resilient Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Industry
  • A record-breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California
  • New Members for August
  • Alleged Debtor List

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IAM's Annual Meeting & Expo: Networking and Learning

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Have it Your Way - In Person or Virtual

IAM is excited about this year's . It seems like every year we do something a little different or new. After last year's successful virtual meeting, which was a first for us, we are moving this year to a hybrid meeting - both virtual and in-person, with the two experiences knitted together. We know that some members still do not feel comfortable meeting in person, and others will not be able to travel to the U.S. due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. We take the problem seriously, and that is why we have the virtual platform - so you can keep doing business and attend the meeting in the way that makes sense for you.


Here are some highlights from last year's meeting, which should be a preview for this year as well, especially with more people attending:

  • 14,266 Contacts Made
  • 2,528 Total Meetings Between Attendees
  • 2,397 Video Calls
  • 46,253 Messages Exchanged Between Attendees
  • 10,255 Discussions

IAM Young Professionals

Resilient Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Industry


Successful leaders demonstrate resilience: the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity. They take calculated risks and have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, to manage disruptive changes and adapt. The global moving and mobility industry presents additional demands for leaders to acquire the skills to navigate cultural and societal challenges.


Julia O'Connor, IAM's Director of Membership and Database Management will moderate a panel discussion with panelists Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of , Patricia Jade Ooi, Founding Partner of , and Kay Kutt, CEO of on Sept. 9 at 10:00 a.m. EDT to discuss Resilient Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Industry. This webinar will be a compelling call to action for leaders to examine resilience and well-being, and consider the habits and practices that can drive individual and organizational performance.

A record-breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California

Forty-four freight ships are stuck awaiting entry into California's two largest ports, the highest number recorded since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marine Exchange of Southern California reported on Saturday.

IAM Learning

New Members for August

Every month, IAM publishes . This is the list of your new business partners brought to you by IAM. Click on the map above to get a better view of where your new colleagues are.

Alleged Debtor List

IAM keeps a list of companies that have been alleged to have unsettled debts with other member companies. , as it is updated often.



Member News


Supermove’s "Ask the Experts" Series

Join ’s "Ask the Experts" series to learn how to diversify your moving business with industry leader, Chris Hunt, CEO of First Class Moving Systems. They have thrived over the last 20+ years by expanding their product offerings beyond residential moving. His teams provide household goods and commercial moving services to consumers, corporations, government agencies, and the Department of Defense.


All questions are highly encouraged during this 45-minute live Q&A session. Hosted and moderated by Heidi Liou from Supermove.

Graebel Appoints Matt Brownlee Chief Operating Officer

As evolves and grows, so does its leadership team. Matt Brownlee was recently appointed chief operating officer, responsible for customer experience and business success. Ron Dunlap remains president, continuing a leadership evolution which began in 2019 when he took on an expanded leadership role, and Bill Graebel continues to lead the family-owned company as chairman and CEO.

Pickfords Announce Pay Rise on TV Show

From the :

The leader of announced an investment of £500,000 in increased wages to front line staff in last week’s episode of reality television show “Undercover Big Boss”.


The TV show, that airs to approximately 2 million viewers in the United Kingdom, follows a regular produced format that places a company executive under disguise to uncover issues in the business. At the end of the show, the featured business leader is seen to take action to reward featured employees and fix wider problems.

IAM-YP Spotlight: Vivek Pawar Making a Difference in the World

When IAM-YP Member Vivek Pawar, with , learned about India's COVID crisis, he couldn't just sit back and do nothing. He was working in Kuwait when he learned about the COVID crisis India was going through, and he immediately sprang into action. Pawar worked to conquer a mountain of challenges to save lives and present an exemplary example of humanity for us all.

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