IAM Podcast: Gadi Binness Talks about Leadership and his LX Leadership Series of Videos (S2 E15)

July 23, 2021

In this Issue:

Gadi Binness of Relocation Insurance talks to IAM's Carl Weaver about his series of videos on leadership and life experiences. You can sign up on his website to take part in this interesting project.

"As a successful entrepreneur, you have an important story to tell,  and your story has the potential to inspire others. Our new video  series, LX Leadership, explores the connection between life experiences  (such learning a new skill or navigating a relationship) and leadership  styles. The takeaway is that there are countless opportunities to increase  your leadership effectiveness by intentionally applying lessons you  learn in life."

Get to know Gadi as he plays Stump the Chump. Who wins? Does Carl beat him?